Husbandry services in the context of ship agency refer to a range of services provided to ships while they are in port or at anchor. These services are essential to ensure the smooth operations of the vessel and the well-being of its crew during their stay in port. The term “husbandry” comes from the maritime tradition where a “ship’s husband” was responsible for managing the vessel’s affairs onshore:

  • Port Agency Services: Representing the ship’s interests and handling administrative tasks like documentation, customs, and permits.
  • Supply and Provisioning: providing Fuel, Fresh Water, and Provisions for the ship’s crew while in port.
  • Waste Removal: Ensuring proper disposal of ship-generated waste as per environmental regulations.
  • Crew Welfare: Helping with crew recreational activities, transportation, and welfare matters.
  • Crew Assistance: Supporting crew members with crew changes, shore passes, and personal/medical needs.
  • Technical Support: Organizing technical services, repairs, and spare parts if needed.
  • Cash to Master (CTM): Assisting with delivering funds to the ship’s master for petty cash expenses.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintaining accurate records and providing necessary reports to ship owners and operators.

Husbandry services are essential for efficient port stays.

At SEAGATES, our Husbandry services go beyond mere port call formalities. We understand that when a vessel docks, the needs are multifaceted – from the timely delivery of ship spares, provisions, and bunker fuel to the welfare of its crew. With our expansive local knowledge and a network of trusted suppliers, we ensure your ship’s requirements are catered to with the utmost efficiency. Whether crew transfers, medical emergencies, or cash-to-master deliveries, we handle it all with precision and care. Our dedicated team remains on standby, ensuring prompt responses and solutions tailored to each vessel’s unique needs. With SEAGATES overseeing your Husbandry needs, rest assured your vessel is in expert hands.