Crew Change is an essential procedure in the maritime industry, allowing seafarers to transition on and off ships based on predetermined schedules set by shipping companies. It primarily happens when a seafarer’s contract comes to an end. Within this process, there are two key terms to understand:

  • On Signer: This refers to the crew members joining a ship to begin their contracted duties.
  • Off Signer: This pertains to the orew members completing their contract and disembarking from the ship, making way for the next batch of seafarers.

SEAGATES, responsible for the ship’s crew, must be well-prepared. This preparation includes ensuring all necessary administrative documents (Visa) are in order for the crew’s entry into the country, organizing travel arrangements like air tickets, coordinating lodging if required, and providing assistance during emergencies, such as unexpected illnesses.

Therefore, it’s crucial for ship crew providers to collaborate with local shipping agencies in the respective Crew Change locations. This partnership guarantees smooth transitions and efficient processes for all involved parties.

SEAGATES has an experienced operations team to give you full crew care services.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the subtleties and detailed procedures involved in facilitating crew changes across ports. This encompasses services such as visa processing, sign-on and sign-off coordination, exit permit arrangements, accommodation, and transportation.