SEAGATES is here to assist with Cash to Master delivered under safe condition.

Cash to Master (CTM) is a crucial financial service provided to ships while they are in port. It involves delivering funds directly to the ship’s master or captain to cover various petty cash expenses during the vessel’s stay in the port. The amount of cash transferred depends on the ship’s needs and the duration of the port stay. CTM services are typically availed to facilitate payments for provisions, minor repairs, crew welfare, port fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The Benefits of Cash To Master:

Efficient Financial Support: CTM ensures the availability of immediate funds, streamlining the ship’s operations during its time in port.

Provision Procurement: CTM allows the purchase of provisions such as food, fuel, and water, ensuring the crew’s needs are met during the port stay.

Swift Port Transactions: Cash to Master expedites payment of various port-related fees and services, ensuring a smooth port visit.

Security Measures: CTM services are managed with security protocols to safeguard the transfer of funds on board.

Documentation and Accountability: All CTM transactions are recorded and documented to maintain financial accountability.

Convenience for Ship’s Master: By receiving cash on board, the ship’s master can quickly address small expenses without the need for external transactions.

Crew Welfare: The funds obtained through CTM can be used to provide welfare support to the crew, enhancing their well-being and morale.

Flexibility in Expenses: Ship managers can tailor the cash amount provided to suit the specific requirements of each port visit.

Proactive Financial Planning: Ship managers coordinate CTM services to ensure sufficient funds are available for all anticipated expenses.

Compliance with Regulations: CTM transactions must adhere to local regulations and customs requirements in each port of call.

In summary, Cash to Master services play a vital role in providing financial support to ships during their port stays. It ensures the smooth functioning of vessel operations and crew welfare while adhering to financial regulations and security measures.